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June 1, 2020

17:55 sessions


Promotion of the “17:55 sessions” independent music project on YouTube.


“17:55 sessions” is a channel with a seasonal release of videos on a conditionally non-standard schedule. The activity of the audience had to be restored after a break of more than 14 months. At the same time, we had strategic tasks: increasing views and attracting new subscribers.

  • Strategy

    Performance, Music

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The setup of the advertising campaign took place in two stages. The first split tests were collected from the customer’s materials (creatives, website) but did not bring the desired result. We tested several different hypotheses in a split format, found weaknesses, changed creatives and the site, and worked on the errors. After the second launch of the test campaign, everything worked.


Testing and selecting creatives took a lot of time. We also had to find errors in the analytics configured before us to adjust the calculation of applications and sales.


This is an interesting project with a profound meaning. Emotions at the first test stage were mixed: we understood what was going on, but all this slowed down the launch and upset us a little. As a result, everyone was satisfied. Mutual gratitude.


We achieved more than 100 applications. We fixed errors in analytics.

Our clients.

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