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December 21, 2020

Any tickets


The main tasks were to attract followers and to prepare the application for launching an ad campaign in FB.


Challenge of the task In March 2020, we launched mobile app without statistics modules for social networks — we independently collected all digital statistics to attract an audience and to launch advertising.

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    Performance, UX/UX Design

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To attract audience, we arranged a competition in which we raffled off tickets to Billie Eilish concert. Besides, we created video content and launched advertising campaign based on behavioral factors specific for the clients. We are currently working on APP installation. 


In addition to the fact that we worked without technical assignment (we offered our working schemes to the client and implemented them), we also faced blocking the advertising campaign because we fell under the “fraud” filter in FB. After spending about 2 weeks to find out the reasons, we managed to get removal of blocking.


Working with startups is always interesting and exciting experience: such customers provide a creative freedom and take an active part not just in the project discussion, but also in its successful implementation. 


We gained more than 2,000 active followers who stayed with Anytickets when the competition with concert tickets was already over, and achieved an increase in the number of app installations.


Our clients.

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