June 1, 2021



Promotion and increase of sales of the Danone Direct online store.


One of the products in the online store’s product catalog was drinking water of the French brand “Evian”. The launch of advertising with the image of bottles was quite difficult: the automatic moderation system incorrectly recognized the product and suspended the impressions, similar to the prohibited advertising of alcoholic beverages. Also, the difficulty of selling bottled water increased the cost of products above the average market.

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We conducted a target audience analysis and identified its segments by gender, age, place of residence, consumer behavior peculiarities and interests. Instagram* and Facebook* advertising campaigns were deployed and set up.

Complex moderation took place.


We paid attention to targeted advertising on Vkontakte.


We introduced engaging content into the manufacturer’s accounts at various sites: we conducted contests and surveys.


In addition to the Danone Direct online store, Danone has websites for individual brands of its products (“Aktimel”, “Activia”, “Rastishka”, “Smeshariki”, “Danissimo”, “Danone”, “Tema”, “Prostokvashino”).  We collected analytics in a single interface to track indicators comprehensively, and also added the option to view indicators by segment (individual brands) to this.


The period of launching advertising campaigns coincided with the time of the pandemic. This affected consumer habits and the company’s strategy as a whole. For example, it was necessary to take into account changes in logistics and develop new promotions and offers taking into account the availability of the products. Adaptation to new conditions required additional approvals.


The second difficulty was blocking ads in the Facebook* account. It took at least 2-3 days to resolve an issue with each creative. For example, sometimes it was necessary to send a water license to confirm the originality of the products. Communication with the support service delayed deadlines and affected the overall performance of advertising campaigns.


We have been working on various Danone projects for several years. We know the product and the audience of the manufacturer well, so we quickly get down to tasks. The Danone team provides the information necessary for the work in full and is always open to recommendations. This allows us to work productively in tandem and achieve set goals without pressing deadlines. We are pleased to deal with Danone professionals.


During the year, the Danone Direct online store was promoted continuously. We set up comprehensive analytics that allows seeing traffic and shopping indicators in one interface.


We increased sales of all products presented on the website, including “Evian” water. The ROI was 180%, which exceeded the expected result.


* Owned by Meta, a company recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation


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