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June 1, 2020

Dentistry in the USA


Promotion of a new dental clinic in New York City by attracting a new audience, introducing users to the brand, and launching a Facebook advertising campaign.


We started this project from the very beginning because previously, the client had not used any promotion tools. We worked without forecasts, testing the available methods already in the process.

  • Strategy

    Performance, UX/UX Design

  • Design


  • Client

    Dentistry in the USA


We worked with analytics from scratch, setting events and goals in the advertising area. We connected the Facebook pixel on the site and launched the campaign.


The client’s site did not provide the technical possibility of leaving a request, so we had to work with the Facebook Lead forms. The client refused to finalize the site, while the agreed application form provided for the entry of a large amount of personal medical data, which could prevent interested users from registering for the session. The customer’s low awareness of digital issues made the task more difficult. We had to answer a lot of skeptical questions.


We were happy to work on a new Western project. We experienced pleasant emotions of recognition and trust.


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