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May 31, 2022

Fitness Vmeste


The goal was to increase the number of active clients, bring back those who left the club, and enhance brand awareness. Another objective was to fully book trainers’ schedules and sell more memberships. This included creating a website from scratch and attracting users to it. Analytics integration, preparing and launching an advertising campaign, and highlighting the club’s services for different target audience segments. Researching the demand of potential clients, identifying pain points, and devising ways to meet people’s needs. Developing and creating creative content.


Creating the entire project from scratch. Developing the website structure and content. Designing landing page layouts. Integrating analytics services. Setting up the advertising campaign in "Yandex.Direct" and crafting contextual ads. The main task was to quickly convert users into leads. This required precise geolocation targeting in advertising and creative offers. Conducting test ad launches.


We created landing pages with classic designs structured as follows: a headline with a unique selling proposition (USP), trust triggers, and a request form.

We prepared pages for various services and specific target audience segments. We set up and tested the advertising campaign in “Yandex.Direct.” We developed lead magnets and devised promotions for new clients.

We created a strategy to re-engage former clients. Metrics were integrated to track user behavior.


The website was built from scratch, requiring the assembly of a semantic core for promotion through search networks. Initially, over 30,000 keywords were selected, which were then narrowed down to 10,000 for active use. Effective key phrases capable of driving traffic to the site had to be developed.

Colleagues provided limited information, prompting the decision to offer more than 10 different service directions. These were segmented for adult and child audiences. Advertising campaigns were adjusted based on demand among potential target audiences.


The field presented significant challenges, necessitating meticulous planning down to the smallest details. A large volume of data was processed. Limited capabilities in attracting potential clients due to geolocation constraints made it challenging, but we overcame all difficulties. We researched competitors’ advantages and managed to differentiate ourselves from them. We created and populated the website with content, subsequently attracting traffic.


The fitness club’s website ranked in the top 13 on “Yandex” for client-specific queries. This allowed us to attract potential visitors and reduce advertising costs. Initially, only promotion through search engines helped build the client base. Subsequently, advertising efforts were paused due to readiness issues in developing a growth strategy. The client may resume promotional activities in the future.

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