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December 21, 2023

Halal / Kugel


The goals were to promote mobile delivery applications from specific restaurants and increase audience engagement considering the characteristics of the points: Halal – restaurants offering halal food, Kugel – kosher food establishments. The objectives included attracting regular customers and improving loyalty. Another goal was to increase the number of bids and reduce their cost, along with identifying the most effective advertising channels.


A quick launch was required without prolonged study and segmentation of the target audience. The situation was complicated by an unrefined app design and insufficient information. The absence of Facebook SDK integration (Meta product, prohibited in Russia) complicated ad optimization. It was necessary to rapidly develop a promotion strategy and enhance UX design.


A comprehensive niche analysis was conducted with detailed study of the target audience’s needs. Full immersion in the unique culture was required with a complete understanding of why people adhere to specific rules. Based on the marketing analysis, creative themes were developed, and new promotional texts were selected. Analytics services were connected to track promotion effectiveness. Halal focused on an audience using Android smartphones. Kugel attracted diverse users, totaling over 500,000 participants.


Due to the Facebook block (Meta product, prohibited in Russia), new accounts couldn’t work in advertising accounts. Therefore, alternative working methods had to be urgently sought. Attempts were made to use deeplink services, but they were unsuccessful. Eventually, traffic was redirected through СТС. Later, access to Facebook SDK (Meta product, prohibited in Russia) was restored, which was essential for traffic optimization.

The main challenge was the cost of customer acquisition. The food service industry is highly competitive, with aggregators monopolizing attention through quick delivery. Restaurant-owned delivery services currently struggle to compete.

Additionally, maintaining couriers solely for a few orders is costly. Kosher and halal food is a niche product in demand by a limited audience.


Despite the challenges, good results were achieved. The niche is complex and saturated, with restaurant delivery services facing direct competition from aggregators. We managed to solve the tasks and gain valuable experience. We also realized that creating an app exclusively for one restaurant’s delivery is impractical.

Both restaurants have their audience and demand, albeit small. Attracting them from various sources is very challenging, with high click costs. Lowering bid costs is possible but requires specialized skills from the specialist.


Results. Halal attracted the largest audience at a low cost: 18-30 rubles per person. In Kugel, the user base is smaller, with a cost per person ranging from 200-500 rubles.

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