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June 1, 2020

Hatter in Boots


The main goal of launching the website and advertising campaign on Facebook was to generate online sales. The accompanying goals were to attract new followers to Instagram and increase brand awareness on the network.


Despite the previous digital activity, the analytics were misconfigured. Events for the advertising campaign were not registered in the ads manager.

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    Performance, UX/UX Design

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  • Client

    Hatter in Boots


We created a website with the option to customize products and set up contextual advertising. To work effectively, we re-installed all the analytics with the goals and events written down. We connected a pixel for VK and FB and launched targeted advertising based on LTV data with optimization for adding products to the cart and purchasing. We used the data feed to enable dynamic remarketing in social networks. We also set up beta campaigns for the “Instagram Direct” event.


We worked in a very tight time frame with almost no technical task for the website and with a high number of positions. Facebook mistakenly blocked the advertising account several times, and therefore we had to communicate with support service and prove that the configured ads comply with all the rules. In general, it was hard to run without statistics.


Mutual delight. We managed to create a communication structure between the client and the brand, which other contractors before us had failed to do.


We increased the number of online sales by 60%.

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