Azerbaijan - NORA EXP AGENCY
December 21, 2020



The purpose of cooperation with the AZPROMO of AZERBAIJAN was to create videos for presentation at CHINA EXPO 2019.


Challenge of the task the complexity of the work was also connected with difficult communication and a complete lack of technical specifications.

  • Strategy

    Brand, Production

  • Design

    Video Production

  • Client



The customer provided just a part of materials, so several times we went to the sites together with video operator to shoot missing parts. Then we mounted a video series and created a motion design for static images.



In addition to the fact we were severely limited in time, we also had a misunderstanding with the customer: the Ministry wanted to repeat the content of the previous year, but we were against copying. As a result, we managed to reach a consensus, however it took us more time than we would like.



It was unusual experience to work with the government case, and we are very happy that everyone, including Dmitry Medvedev, appreciated our work.



Both videos in two languages were submitted on time.

Our clients.

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