January 4, 2021



The purpose of cooperation with Microsoft was to attract attention to the product “Azure DevOps”, its promotion.


The complexity of the task We started our work in conditions of uncertainty: a specific topic, a narrow target audience. The information we needed was given out with delays – we had to deal with a lot of things from scratch.

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We decided to promote the product through the benefits for potential users: through a webinar, where the MVP had to tell in detail and show what tasks Azure DevOps solves and how to use it, as well as answer questions from the audience.

Speakers and a studio were selected for the webinar, and additional equipment was rented. Test esters were performed several times.

After setting up and testing the conversion landing page, we launched traffic from social networks. We made crops in the Telegram channel and VKontakte. We organized our own DevOps community in Telegram, found existing chat rooms of IT specialists, and agreed to cooperate with them.

At the end of the webinar, we organized additional sales through personal consultations for companies interested in using the product.


In the process, the customer reduced the time: the work had to be delivered a month earlier than originally planned.

100 people took part in the coordination of the design, texts, advertising and other things – there were long delays.

We independently selected speakers for the webinar. The stereotypes about antisocial IT specialists were not at all stereotypes: public speeches were not easy for all of us. It was also not easy to find a good studio: on the eve of the new year, the good studios were dismantled, only the ones that did not fit us in design and size remained.

Shortly before the webinar, one of the speakers was hospitalized. Since there was no time to postpone the webinar and find a new speaker, we had to negotiate with the doctors about the possibility of early discharge without a threat to health.


Despite the tight deadlines, 100 people in the approval of the project and other difficulties, we managed not only to perform the work efficiently, but also to get the maximum pleasure from the process.


Result The

work was completed on time. In 4 days, 151 people registered for the webinar.

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