June 1, 2020



Promotion of the account of the manufacturer of probiotics and mineral salts Natuma on Instagram. The generation of new subscribers and engaging the audience.


Coordination of each content unit with representatives of several customer teams. This is a good competent move, which implies additional time for both the performer and the customer.

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We developed a content plan taking into account the interests and characteristics of the target audience. We prepared visual and text components for publications and advertising creatives. We set up campaigns in the advertising account, conducted split tests, and distributed the budget. All advertising actions were checked for correctness regarding the Facebook rules for this topic. We prepared game mechanics for working with the audience (practical jokes, engaging and entertaining posts).


There are no difficulties. We have been working with the client for a long time on various projects. We established trusting relationships to create a sound basis for professional mutual understanding, so we work here even without KPI.


The whole process of work and approvals is going positively. We are pleased to work within an adequate timeframe, directly creating dates and events for the company itself (holding promotions, etc.). All this allows us to generate and offer ideas using the creative potential of each employee of the NORA GROUP.


Work on the project is still underway at the moment. We created the main content for publications and advertising on Instagram at the start.  The cost of a click and an application is gradually optimized relative to the total number of sales through this channel. As soon as we get the completed statistics for the project, this text will be supplemented with new data 🙂

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