June 1, 2020



Building business analytics for various traffic sources and evaluating user engagement in the Nimbus cryptocurrency ecosystem.


The Nimbus project had existed for more than 2 years by the time we began our work, but marketing analytics had not been fully collected. The previous contractor restricted access to Backlog elements, the Confluence library, and BigQuery data. Conditionally, this brought the project back to 2020, so we started from scratch, filling in the gaps on our own.


We got access to BigQuery, Google Analytics 4 and configured the collection of current data. We conducted a full reconciliation of metrics, collected all indicators in reports, and reflected analytics in dashboards. We created the Confluence knowledge library and continue to add the accumulated information to it.


The parameters and metrics indicators that had been collected earlier and provided to us at the start of our work turned out to be incorrect. The difference in indicators was not obvious, so we had to look for and identify errors in the ASAP mode. Even with the full involvement of our team’s employees in this task, it took more than 6 weeks to fix the problem.


Only positive ones. There are a strong team and a global idea behind the Nimbus project. All cooperation takes place in a friendly atmosphere and with full mutual understanding. We are trusted with complex non-standard tasks, and we solve them easily while building excellent communication.


We have streamlined reporting in Google Data Studio dashboards. All business process data is displayed in a common JIRA system.


Our clients.

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