Normalschool - NORA EXP AGENCY
June 1, 2020



Promotion of the “Normal School” project and the sale of online courses for 10-15 years old teenagers.


Narrow topics of courses, for example, “Crystallography”, where children studied the interaction of symmetry elements and Euler’s theorem. The product itself was new on the market and had no analogues, and respectively, they tested the niche without expectations and forecasts.

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    Performance, UX/UX Design

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We re-configured analytics and fixed errors made by another team. For example, we launched additional traffic channels, filled the VK page with content, and launched ads. Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns were conducted. We helped the customer’s team with the build-out of creatives.


We connected partner analytics from Skolkovo to test hypotheses and improve the effectiveness of the campaign. We posted courses on the Skolkovo Technopark website and integrated our analytics tools.


A complex product. It was impossible to assess the demand for courses among the target audience and predict the launch. A large number of hypotheses and tests required time and creative resources.


We worked with enthusiasm, wholly immersed in the details of the project. We were satisfied with the results of testing the ideas for practicality. The client noted a good percentage of sales relative to the cost of the advertising campaign. We received a positive review.


We made more than 200 sales of courses in various areas and topics. We collected analytics and audiences for further work in advertising accounts.


Our clients.

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