December 21, 2020



The strategic goal was to organize a comprehensive promotion of the Olympiad for digital students in VK and FB. The main goal was to register participants from all over Russia. This project was created with the support of the State Corporation Rostec and Sevastopol State University and aimed at popularizing education in information and communication technologies.


We worked in harsh conditions. By the beginning of our team’s work, the advertising budget was reduced by 70%, while the KPI of 500 registrations remained the same. Too large number of creatives that the client gave also added to the complexity. With a limited budget, this prevents the rotation of ads.

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We worked comprehensively with analytics of Facebook, VK, Yandex, and Google. We collected audience segments of students with an emphasis on technical and informational profiles. We set goals in the advertising cabinets, taking into account the expected results and the budget for the campaign.


The client made mistakes in the dates, texts, and creatives. It was time-consuming. We had to reset and restart advertising campaigns regularly. We were faced with the client’s distrust about access to the necessary tools, so we had to make an effort to establish business trust. It turned out in the process of work, that the client does not have a landing page with the possibility of registration. We had to wait for its development.


It was a pleasant cooperation experience with a collaboration of an educational institution and a state corporation. Everyone was happy in the end. The current details could be agreed on time. The pace of work remained adequate.


We planned to get 400-500 registrations, taking into account the budget and capabilities. More than 700 users have registered for the Olympiad actually. The client’s expectations were met. We plan to reach the mark of 1000 applications with t


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