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June 1, 2020

Omega-3 Lysi


The promotion of the Omega-3 manufacturing plant related to maintaining the company’s image in social networks, so we implemented the goals of engaging the audience and highlighting the basic and detailed information about the products presented in pharmacies and on marketplaces in the account. Support of social networks of the world leader from Iceland in the Russian market.


Engaging the audience and generating subscriptions in an account that does not have direct communication and sales as its goal increases the complexity of the task. When a website completely covers the user’s needs for information from the manufacturer, social networks become an exclusive image tool.

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    Performance, UX/UX Design

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We created various content and talked about the benefits of products for people of different genders and ages. We regularly held contests and raffled off products among interested users and existing subscribers. We used gamified tools to engage users in the activity under the posts. We supported the company’s image with expert articles and atmospheric Icelandic content. We launched an advertising campaign: produced new creatives and used promotions for current publications.


The Russian consumer did not know the manufacturer’s products, so it was necessary to work with the audience from scratch.


Participation in the project left a pleasant and positive impression. The whole team was happy to offer new ideas, so we could implement creative ways to engage the audience through gamification.


We brought more than 20,000 subscribers to the account. We achieved the highest engagement, reach rates, and met the KPI by 100%.


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