December 21, 2023



The company RAITON sells sleep-related goods: mattresses, sofas, pillows, decor, textiles, and more. They have a website with good traffic. The management decided to increase brand awareness and expand the company’s presence on social media, particularly on “VKontakte” (a Russian social network). Another goal was to increase the ER (engagement rate). Additionally, they aimed to convey the brand’s values through posts on various platforms. Another task was to boost subscriber activity on the pages, including likes, comments, and shares. Virtual content was intended to enhance brand recognition.


It's a challenging sector because people don't buy furniture every week, and they don't naturally seek to join social media groups. It's difficult to determine a call to action (CTA). How do you motivate people to subscribe? The maximum incentives are discounts and participation in contests. Building a loyal audience is nearly impossible. Constantly seeking new types of engagement is necessary. Many experiments with content, especially advertising, are required.

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The initial work included competitor analysis and parsing the target audience. At this stage, detailed study of customer interests was conducted, and several target audience profiles were created. Segmentation helped identify main customer types. This information was essential for creating creatives and selecting topics for social media management. The main stage involved experiments. Creatives of different formats were developed and test advertising campaigns were launched. Simultaneously, efforts were made to optimize traffic by setting manual and automatic bids. Creative development was outsourced to save resources and time. Relevant content was selected and audience reactions were monitored.


It’s a complex niche without ready-made solutions: significant investments were required for advertising experiments and selection. Creatives had to be developed from scratch. Interest discovery was precise.


It was a great feeling that three teams worked together and achieved really good results. Collaborative work helped us realize how great we all are, mobilizing in challenging conditions.

Three teams were involved in the project: “Nora,” “Monstars,” and “Raiton.” Initially, it was challenging to understand who was responsible for what in the project. Clear task distribution with assigned responsibilities helped avoid delays. Weekly sprints were created to solve specific tasks within allocated time frames. Each employee selected tasks and completed them. Managers could clearly see progress. The coordinated work of three teams helped implement the complex project quickly.


Community management has been ongoing for over a year, maintaining subscriber costs below the KPI (Key Performance Indicator). A development strategy for the near future has been devised. Content types interesting to the community have been identified. Dialogue with subscribers is constantly maintained. Plans include building dialogue with buyers and increasing repeat purchases.

Social media can serve as a source of information from customers, revealing specific product needs, demand, and feedback. This data will help improve company operations and increase sales levels.

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