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December 21, 2022



  • The first goal was to develop a design project for a delivery service aggregator. It required a cross-platform website adapted for different devices and flexible for various clients like food courts, cafes, fast-food establishments, and others. Unique features for point visitors included QR code scanning for ordering, tipping waitstaff, and creating a list of favorite points.
  • The second goal was to formulate a promotion strategy. This involved studying the target audience, determining their needs, and selecting marketing blocks for the website. The restaurant needed internal network promotion.
  • The third goal was to select tools for website operations. It was important to attract and retain customers, motivating them to return to the restaurant. Rules for tool usage were established.

The food service market is oversaturated, making it difficult to devise something fundamentally new. High advertising costs could render promotion impractical. Original ideas were needed for creatives. The website design needed to be clear, combining interfaces for cafe owners and guests. It was necessary to visually showcase the benefits of using the application, for example, through screen demonstrations with different functions.


Pain points and needs of the target audience were identified. A step-by-step landing page structure was developed. The decision was made to display the application’s purpose and 5 advantages with two action buttons on the first screen. Detailed descriptions of the application’s benefits and ecosystem followed.

User engagement scenarios were implemented, providing detailed descriptions of service operations at food courts or restaurant groups.

Additionally, a courier service with full responsibility for quality was offered to customers. Marketing tools were added: order acceptance, promotion effectiveness analysis via Yandex.Direct, menu adjustments, customer acquisition strategies, and more.

Design was developed with user convenience in mind.


It was challenging to identify the target audience’s pain points and design an interface that would hold the user’s attention. Several versions were tested. Promotion strategies needed to be devised to save costs and avoid overspending.


Complete aesthetic pleasure from implementing a project of this caliber and type. Creating a clear and beautiful design while selecting marketing tools was enjoyable. Immersing myself in a new field, studying competitors, identifying project features, and noting details were all highlights.


We created a clear and beautiful website with more than ten screens. A pastel color scheme was selected, and minimalist buttons were created. To enhance clarity, combinations of images and text or numbers and text were used. Various backgrounds were employed to maintain attention.

Effective marketing tools were selected, and a sound promotion strategy was devised.

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