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June 1, 2020



Promotion of masterclasses on cooking Georgian cuisine by the Tinatin restaurant and attracting traffic to the business account of the restaurant in Instagram.


Minimal. This is one of the projects of our regular customer with clear and understandable tasks.

  • Strategy

    Performance, UX/UX Design

  • Design


  • Client



We created local audiences of interested users. The masterclasses were paid, respectively, they selected users who were more likely to leave a request and participate in the event. We collected a database of guests and contacts, taking into account the privacy policy and the provisions of the site agreement.


In their spare time from the masterclasses, they launched promotions in the Instagram account: they increased coverage, engagement and also collected requests for table reservations from new guests. Sometimes they promoted posts with the image of wine in the photo. The rules prohibit this, but we have a dark past, and we know how to do it 🙂


None. It was a project with reasonable requirements and deadlines. In general, the KPI assumed the sale of the maximum number of tickets for the masterclass.


It was fascinating and interesting. Our team had already worked on the projects of this company. Communication is built on trust and mutual professionalism, and it is always easy and pleasant to work in such conditions.


We sold tickets to various masterclasses, reaching Sold Out. There are a lot of valuable developments left in the advertising account for setting up new campaigns.

Our clients.

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