The purpose of collaboration with Danone Direct was to increase online sales and the brand awareness in social networks (VK, FB, IG) by attracting new audience and retaining existing one.

Challenge of the task

The challenge of the advertising campaign in social networks was the fact that nobody had collected digital statistics before we started our work. Besides, Danone had a display campaign launched in Yandex advertising network, but it was configured so that a lot of irrelevant traffic was recorded. Therefore, prior to activating targeted ads, we had to filter it manually.


We have customized VK and FB pixel: we have excluded unnecessary platforms and made a timeout for launching "page view" tag.

After collecting a pool of new clients, we set up dynamic remarketing in Vkontakte for them and launched targeted advertising based on LTV data optimized for the events (in case of Danone Direct, the events were adding an item to the cart and purchasing).


It was our first (but not the last one) case connected with food, but we quickly found mutual understanding with Danone Direct team — all problems were solved before they could arise. There were no other difficulties except collecting statistics.


The most pleasant thing with Danone Direct was the fact that the effect of advertising appeared already in the second month of operation and the company's profit increased.


Sales from online channel increased by 11%.