The purpose of collaboration with Octava was to increase the brand awareness, to increase the number of followers in IG, and to launch an advertising campaign that will allow to collect the maximum number of reaches.

Challenge of the task

The website had very low traffic — there were no statistics. The most difficult part of collaboration was the fact that the content in IG was unsatisfactory, it could not attract and retain users, and the customer insisted on attracting followers without significant changes.


Using internal FB data, we launched advertising campaigns with behavioral factors specific to the brand's potential audience.


The main difficulty was that attracting an audience to any commercial brand is quite a difficult task in any case, and here it was compounded by a very specific focus (microphones). We had problems with creating interesting content to attract new customers and to retain old ones. We were constantly performing A/B testing and looking for a new target audience.


The task was attractive for us due to its complexity: constant search and analysis of target audience, repeated tests, super-fast advertising campaigns (new ads were launched almost every three days).


Data cannot be reveled at the customer's request.