The purpose of cooperation with Prostokvashino was to increase the brand awareness, to increase the number of followers in IG and to launch an advertising campaign that would allow to get the maximum number or reaches.
Challenge of the task

We learned about the task 2 days prior to the start of Prostokvashino competition for Maslenitsa: we created an account from the ground and launched an advertising campaign on the weekend.


Prostokvashino is a brand of Danone company, therefore we used Danone Direct statistics to collect, through pixel, an audience interacting only with Prostokvashino products. Also, using internal data from FB, we launched an advertising campaign with behavioral factors typical for such buyers.


Due to the hashtag selected for the newsbreak, the advertising campaign was repeatedly blocked, so a problem with ad moderation arose; we solved it using mass automated moderation.


Working with Prostokvashino, among other things, we were very happy about the fact that the effect of targeted advertising launched by us was several times greater than the effect of participating in contest of famous bloggers.


As a result, we managed to collect 2,000 followers, 600 thousand views and a million or reaches.