The purpose of cooperation with the fitness center was to increase the number of applications and to increase subscription sales.

Challenge of the task

The main challenge of the task was complete lack of analytics: events were not set, and there were also no end-to-end analytics. The website was inconvenient in terms of functionality, so the conversion rate was very low.


We have collected analytics, indicated goals and events in it, and customized VK and FB pixel. We enabled dynamic remarketing for the fitness center's services in FB and launched targeted advertising based on LTV data; the advertising was optimized for events (in case of SelfClub, the event was filling in a form on the website by a potential client). We used Facebook Lead Ads to launch ads for applications, and using Zapier we received them online. We have enabled dynamic call tracking, end-to-end business analytics system Roistat, and a full cycle of contextual and display advertising (Yandex advertising network and Google Display Network). Finally, we fixed the website: we made it a conversion website with dynamic headers.


The greatest difficulty was communicating with the sales department which missed the requests from time to time.


We are very happy that, firstly, we have closed all online advertising on a turnkey basis, and secondly, we have configured everything so that we can now see all sales and traffic sources.


Due to our mutual work, SelfClub now gets about 1200 requests per month, and its monthly turnover increased by 6 million.