June 1, 2020



Promotion of the brand of handmade shoes and setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Bringing traffic to the site and its redesign due to changes in the brand itself.


We can talk about the minimal complexity of the task since we had already worked with the customer’s project (see the Hatter in Boots case) and remained aware of the features of the audience and the product. Within the framework of this brand, it was necessary to visually and logically separate the two formed directions — the promotion of hats and shoes.

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We carried out the necessary work to update the site design and prepared the advertising site for generating a cold audience to attract sales. We built out audiences and creatives. We made the first launches. We provided the requested access to the employee responsible for promoting the brand as a whole at the client’s request. We worked as one team.


After the transfer of access to the internal manager, we encountered a violation of the agreement’s provisions. The accesses received by the client were transferred to a third-party agency, which implied the immediate termination of the agreements.

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Unfortunately, this was a negative experience for the entire team. Such a situation contradicted the clauses of the agreements and wholly undermined the client’s corporate trust. The subsequent changes in the workload due to unforeseen circumstances also resulted in unpleasant impressions for employees.


We were satisfied with the redesign. We like to see the visual and technical results of our work. Cooperation with the brand was terminated due to the fact of violation of intellectual property rights. We returned the commission after the termination of the agreement.

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