December 21, 2020



Creating a landing page for the “Tyumen Management Week” event with a provided design project. Cross-platform compatibility was required—adaptation for different operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), as well as adaptation for various monitors and mobile device screens.


The design project had errors: an unrefined layout with unclear information placement, complex and tangled navigation, page inconsistency, and more. There was integration with Leader ID, but the platform's API constantly produced connection errors. A concise, minimalist, stylish landing page was needed to immediately convey to the user where they had landed. We also encountered misunderstandings regarding the importance of the site's color scheme. Few would read barely noticeable letters on a colorful background, so a new palette had to be developed.

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    Tymenskaya nedelya upravleniya

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Within two weeks, the design project was completely revised based on the client’s wishes and modern UX trends. This allowed us to create a convenient and intuitive website for users. To integrate with Leader ID, contact was established with the platform’s technical support. During negotiations, it was decided to revert to an older version, after which the integration issues ceased.


A large volume of tasks needed to be redone within a short timeframe. The most challenging aspect was integrating Leader ID. Thanks to the prompt work of the service’s technical support, we were able to revert to the previous version. Prior attempts with several options were unsuccessful. Each site undergoes comprehensive testing for functionality and critical errors. The client receives a fully debugged and viable resource.


The project was unique and complex, requiring unconventional solutions. After a detailed study of the task, there were slight concerns due to the project’s specific theme and worries about the quality of implementation within a short time frame. The integration problems with Leader ID were disappointing. We had to accept that an older version of the platform would be installed. It lacks some functionality, but it’s not critical.

The color scheme was chosen after extensive experimentation. Blue is pleasant to the eyes, and light green font stands out beautifully against it. Event partners are highlighted as accents.


The project was fully implemented within a short timeframe. In just two weeks, a cross-platform landing page was delivered. It operates smoothly on any device and adapts to various screen resolutions. The site is editable and can be quickly changed or updated in the future. It turned into a full-fledged informational resource. The main achievement is the speed of execution, especially considering the need to redesign the project. We consider this an excellent result.

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