December 21, 2020



This was a competition for the “Demography” national project, so the purpose of creating and developing the site of the “You are in the Game” contest was to search for amateur sports projects with the potential for the development of sports in the Russian Federation, as well as further technical and visual support of the site for the entire period of the competition.


In this project, we acted as a subcontractor, so key issues always required double approval: first with the winner of the tender (SPN) and then with the main customer (the Ministry of Sports). It was also necessary to develop an online voting system with the maximum possible protection against fake engagement and other types of fraud.

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    You are in the Game

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We developed an online voting system and made it secure with protection systems. One of them is Google’s reCAPTCHA V3. We worked daily on the design, details, and integration of additional features. For easy navigation and changing content, we developed a system for live broadcasts and in the form of dynamic blocks. At the moment, 40% of the functionality is disabled due to non-relevance.

The prototypes were made in three versions: for PC, mobile devices, and tablets.


Inadequate timing and overload for the entire team. Once, we worked without a break and sleep for about 50 hours. The unintended loads did not correspond to the original agreements. Nevertheless, we continued to work not to let the federal project down.

The winner of the SPN tender often sabotaged the work and did not follow the agreements, due to that the project was actually frozen for as many as 14 days. Due to the fact that one day before the release, we received 250 participant cards in an incomplete form, we had to involve an additional team from another project and cope with the task on the last night.

We received inadequate demands, for example, to update the information strictly at 00:00 (after business hours). There were requirements to make edits even before agreeing on the layout design, which is generally not provided for by the work technology.


It was hard emotionally and physically. The whole team had to worry a lot. There were hysterical outbursts, burnout, lack of sleep. It was an unpleasant experience with the subsequent delay in payment after signing the act and pre-trial proceedings.


The final work was accepted. All requests were taken into account. The site has withstood intense loads. Security was ensured with all the listed conditions. We adapted the versions for each type of device. Our team transferred the site to the client’s server. We received the final payment two months after the end of the contract period.

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