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December 21, 2024

“Love Syndrome”


The goal was to create an intuitively understandable website for the “Love Syndrome” charity foundation supporting people with Down syndrome. Tasks included:

    • Showcasing the lives of people with special needs and their requirements.
    • Informing families about the free support offered by the “Downside Up” foundation.
    • Publishing information for donors about the founders and board members of the foundation.
    • Increasing empathy and support for people with special needs.

The task involved developing the website from scratch without a prototype or design project. We needed to create a simple, clear structure for sections and carefully describe each block. Additionally, a large number of photographs needed to be incorporated, featuring the beneficiaries of the foundation, founders, and board members. The design had to be pleasant and trendy, thus a tile-based layout was chosen for the site, ensuring it was mobile-friendly. From a technical standpoint, the site had to be adaptable to allow foundation staff to easily publish news, add pages, and update photos. We deliberately kept the number of sections minimal to avoid confusion for both staff and site users. Time constraints were significant, with only a week allocated for all actions, necessitating an accelerated work pace. Another challenge was the limited input from the client, who provided only photos and text. Consequently, we had to independently develop the rest, including determining which information should feature on the homepage versus other sections.

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Initially, we created a prototype, defining the goals and use cases for the website. This stage allowed us to precisely understand which sections and blocks were needed on the site, with the prototype subsequently approved by the foundation’s leadership.

The next stage involved technical aspects. We selected a domain and hosting, registered the site, and made payments. Subsequently, we proceeded with designing and populating the resource. A CMS (content management system) was chosen and the admin panel configured.

We conducted testing to ensure the resource functioned properly across different devices and internet providers. A donation collection service was integrated and tested for functionality. Clickable social media icons were added.

Metrics were implemented to track visitor behavior on the site, essential for understanding user pathways and informing site structure adjustments.


The client provided minimal explanations regarding the website’s desired specifications, necessitating reliance on intuition and personal experience for prototype development. The primary goal was to create a straightforward and understandable site accessible to any user.


This was a highly unusual project. It was enjoyable working with a charity foundation and learning more about people with Down syndrome. Working within tight deadlines with minimal client support was challenging, but we successfully tackled all challenges, which was rewarding!


We delivered a functional, user-friendly website with informative and visually appealing design. For the foundation’s staff, managing the resource is straightforward and intuitive.

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