December 21, 2023



The goal was a comprehensive website audit to identify problem areas and develop a strategy for updating the resource. Analyzing competitors in the Russian and international educational markets. Conducting a full-scale marketing research.


The task involved studying the English-language educational market and gathering data from scratch. Research was needed on specific demand directions for educational services.

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    Audit, UX/UX Design

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    Audit, Web


We completed a range of tasks:

  • Started with benchmark analysis of Russian universities using a list provided by the client, which included five educational institutions. We identified indicators and compared them.
  • Conducted benchmark analysis of foreign universities also based on the client’s list of five educational institutions. We highlighted and compared key indicators.
  • Analyzed behavioral search patterns of the target audience and provided brief descriptions for each pattern. We identified characteristics of individuals’ behavior in the digital space.
  • Studied educational marketing trends, identified promising directions, and provided brief descriptions for each. Analyzed both Russian and international sources.
  • Developed UX hypotheses for each target audience: school students, prospective students, parents, teachers, research institute staff, and others. This information was essential for understanding audience needs. Segmentation helped improve engagement with potential clients.
  • Formulated the website structure and provided content recommendations. The result was a document containing all necessary information and audience analysis. Each decision was accompanied by an explanation.


Despite the large data volume, it was crucial to resolve tasks promptly and achieve goals. Studying foreign sources posed challenges, requiring us to find official English-language data. We needed to develop a complex multi-page website tailored to diverse target audiences. This involved studying the needs of each consumer segment. The entire team was immersed in data collection and analysis. It was important to create a resource that met international quality standards.

The university’s plans included attracting foreign students and scholars from other countries. We needed a website that would be user-friendly for various users.


We felt joy and satisfaction from establishing a smooth dialogue with the client. They assisted us in finding information, identifying audience needs, and suggesting innovative solutions for certain aspects.

The client responded promptly to questions and was open to any suggestions. This project was an excellent example of mutually beneficial collaboration.


The final outcome was presented to the client in the form of 1000 slides with detailed descriptions. They were pleased with the work done and the completeness of the provided data. Future work will involve updating the existing website.

The client was informed that the provided hypotheses need to be tested and validated in real-world scenarios.


Our clients.

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