June 1, 2020



OpenFace is skincare from a foreign manufacturer. It is sold in various stores across Russia but lacks its own representation. The aim of the project was to create a platform to showcase the brand’s products, increase brand recognition, understand the needs of the target audience, develop a marketing strategy, select website analytics, and create advertising creatives to build a customer base.


Build a marketing strategy from scratch, select advertising channels, assess their effectiveness, and set up statistics collection for contextual and targeted advertising campaigns. The company had a website without analytics, and it was unclear how advertising was working and whether it generated leads. Audience loyalty needed to be increased as people were interested in cosmetics but responded weakly to advertising campaigns. The challenge was to find ways to capture customers' attention.

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We started by restructuring analytics as the existing system was inadequate and did not display all data. We had to connect services from scratch and configure them. We developed a simple data processing service providing data in clear tables and graphs.

Implemented a split system for advertising in “Yandex.Direct” by parsing competitors’ audiences. Then, we began refining customer interests, understanding specific skincare expectations such as inflammation relief, rejuvenation, or skin tightening. Identifying these needs helped colleagues create and test creative formats.

To optimize traffic, we modified bidding strategies (automatic vs. manual) and collaborated with partners on content creation, selecting relevant posts and images to maintain audience interest.

Additionally, we developed the website structure, curated publication information, prepared technical tasks for copywriters, developed creative sections, and provided content recommendations.

Conducted a comprehensive website audit, offered improvement recommendations, and discussed company development goals with the client.


The main challenge was the elongated decision-making process due to the client’s lengthy approval times. Overall, the collaboration was positive as the team maintained dialogue, helped identify target audience needs (including addressing hidden pain points), and overcame process elongation.


It was a fulfilling experience working with a great product and outstanding team members. Though challenging, the sense of accomplishment from solving problems was energizing.


We created a well-visited website and attracted users for testing purposes. Currently, it’s challenging to gauge positive dynamics due to the complexity of the product within a saturated market. We plan to continue focusing on marketing efforts.


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