June 1, 2020



Promotion of the English service SPLENTO for photographers and videographs providing services for individuals and businesses. The project concept implied the organization of field filming in a short time at any time of the day, so the startup needed clients.


The implementation of marketing tasks took place in the market already formed by competitors. At the same time, the client did not have an initial understanding of the conditions of this market and the mechanisms of operation of marketing tools. The set task of attracting clients from the B2B and real estate sectors had no logical basis. It reflected the client’s subjective desire to find only large clients without considering the breadth of the potential audience. The lack of a strategy, basic analytics, and a sales funnel created conditions for the team to work almost “blindly”. The budget was limited.

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We deployed analytics and checked the correctness of the e-commerce tools. We organized the launch of a test campaign on Facebook and Google Ads. At the customer’s request, we set up advertising only for the local audience of “real estate”. At this stage, they went into the negative, and due to the available statistics, they were able to convince the client to work with B2C. The test launch took about two weeks; after completing the agreed period of work, our team continued to build out and launch creatives in advertising, analyzing opportunities for the client.


The tasks were set in the midst of a lockdown, accompanied by strict local restrictions, such as a curfew in London. All this greatly influenced the advertising support of the startup.


Communication with the customer regarding the promotion strategy itself was difficult since adequate campaign conditions were necessary to ensure guarantees and achieve results. However, the decision to start was made from the client’s side. This created some uncertainty.


This was the only project in which we did not meet the KPI for several external reasons. In general, we worked longer than the paid period, leaving the project with a customized funnel and analytics.


Our clients.

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