June 1, 2020



Development of a detailed strategy for promoting the provider of mobile services and Internet in Tajikistan “Tcell”. Analysis of the current strategy and preparation of working positioning tools taking into account current digital trends.


The local and international scale of the competitive field. Strategic inaccuracies of the previous (current at that time) positioning concept.

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We identified the strengths and weaknesses of the current strategy. We conducted an analysis of competitors and the marketing tools used in light of the brand’s potential.


We prepared a presentation and working files on the collected data and, among other actions, included instructions in them on maintaining social networks for internal employees of the company and a ready-made content plan for two weeks with rubricators for further reproduction of the plan following the example. We created scripts for communicating with users to organize a competent strategy of community management.


We outlined the project timeline considering the real possible pace, including based on previous cases from our work. The KPIs were registered within the timeline. We offered practical and creative ideas for further implementation in the promotion strategy, for example, AR filters.





There were problems with the brand’s reputation. By the time of the development of the strategy, the company had been represented on the market for more than 20 years, so it was necessary to put in place brand analytics in depth and in detail, taking into account all updates to the range of services during the period 1998-2020.


Our team worked with inspiration. The scale of the competitive field, the number of tasks, creative ideas – all this developed and maintained the working pace within the team.


We prepared a strategy for positioning the company on the Internet. We developed the identity of the brand’s social networks, as well as the Tone of Voice. We proposed the mechanics of possible cooperation with bloggers and actions for targeted advertising. We demonstrated tools for eliminating gaps in reputation. All this is for further long-term work.

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